Your attitude can help your pet to heal

your attitude affects your pets
When our pets are unwell the last thing we tend to think about is ourselves. We’re usually 100% focused on getting them back to better health.
That makes perfect sense, as their health is our priority. Yet, we often miss out an important element of their healing process when we do that, us.

Our attitude and our reactions or responses to their state of health can make a big difference to their recovery, as I explain in this week’s video (see below).

Worry never helps!

Do you get worried when your pet is unwell? Most people do.
They can’t help wondering how long the illness will last, of their pet will recover, or if it is very serious, how long they’ll have left with that pet.
Yet, such worrying really doesn’t help. If worrying helped people to think clearly, take decisive action or feel better then I’d be a fan, but I’ve never seen it do anything but cause stress and upset.
The good news is that you can actively change your attitude and thoughts and let those worries go.
Wouldn’t that be better?

You can’t think straight when you’re stressed.

Studies have shown that when people are stressed they can’t take in new information or easily make good decisions.
If you allow yourself to get too stressed out about your pet’s condition you are doing yourself and them a dis-service, as you won’t be clear headed, you’ll find it hard to make decisions regarding their treatment and your sense of unease will be picked up by your pets.

Clear your head and feel better

Here’s my suggestion. Find ways to actively reduce your levels of stress, anxiety or worry.
When I help my clients to do this, the difference is remarkable. They start to relax, they regain perspective about their pet’s issues, they get clearer about the best ways to support their pet and … they feel much, much better.
The technique that I recommend most highly is EFT tapping, and I have a free video series walking you through the process of using it for your concerns about your pet’s health and then using it to actively support your pet too. You can find out more about it here.

Positivity is powerful and infectious.

Once you have a clear head and are feeling calmer, then you can take things a step further.
You can start to become more positive, using your intention to do so.

When you start to imagine things turning out well (the opposite of worrying) then you truly open up to new possibilities.
As you send out that positive message your brain looks for the reality of it and hence you start to notice things that match it.

Also, your pets pick up and respond well to your positive energy and thoughts.
For example, the kitten pictured above, Baby, came to me as a tiny sick kitten. I know that, in addition to the energy work and vet care that she received, that my positive intention for her well-being played a large part in her recovery. You can read her story here.

My sweet Sally dog, is now 18 years young, and some people still think she’s a puppy. When they say that I smile, as we have always called her a puppy and treated her like one and I sense that she’s responded in kind and just keeps acting like one.


In this week’s video I share more about how our attitude and energy affects our pet’s health and healing.

Final thoughts.

You are your pet’s guardian and advocate, you are the one helping them to better health. Even if you don’t care about your own level of stress or emotional upset, please deal with it for them.
As they say on the aeroplane ‘put on your own oxygen mask first’ in case of emergency.
If you’re stressed, you’re not able to help them as much as if you are calm and balanced, so tend your emotions for them, if not for you.
And be prepared for the side effect of feeling better 😉



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