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How to keep your dog and cat calm during Fireworks season.

It’s New Years Eve and whilst many people are excitedly getting ready for parties and celebrations, some others are dreading the fireworks displays that will light the night skies worldwide.
They aren’t killjoys, they just have pets who have adverse reactions to the loud noises from the fireworks.

I have been helping people to keep their pets calm during Fireworks season for many years, using a technique called EFT tapping and I’m sharing a demonstration of it here for you, so you can try it with your own pets, to keep them calm and happy tonight and any other night when there will be fireworks or even thunderstorms.

I encourage you to try it out. If your pet has a long history of adverse reactions to loud noises, it may take a while or a more specific approach than the general one in the video, but if you don’t try, you’ll never know.

For some extra tips on calming your pets at firework time I suggest reading this great article from Victoria Stillwell.

I also suggest looking at self selection options for your pets and my friend Rachel Windsor Knott has a great Fireworks Self Selection Kit with remedies for dogs and some tips in this video.


If you’d like more support to help your pet cope with firework season you can schedule a free 15 minute phone or skype consultation with me at

You can also learn more about EFT tapping and how to use it for your pets here

Wishing you and your pets a very Happy and Calm New Year,



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