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How to deal with a pet emergency

We all hope that we’ll never have to face an emergency situation involving our pets, but unfortunately, pet emergencies do happen, as I’ve seen with several people over the past week. We never know when our pet might have an accident, be injured or become suddenly unwell (for example unable to breathe easily, or having… Continue Reading

How has pet loss affected you?

Normally in my posts I share my insights and tips about pet healing and pet loss. Today’s blog post is a little different. Today I’m asking you to share your stories, specifically about pet loss and the grief of pet bereavement. Why am I asking about your pet loss story? When providing pet loss support, it’s… Continue Reading

3 ways to calm an anxious pet

Why do pets get anxious? Have you noticed that some pets get anxious or nervous when faced with new situations, new people or new animals in their environment and others don’t. The reasons vary. The good news is that there are many ways to ease their suffering and discomfort. Of course, each case is different… Continue Reading