EFT tapping

Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), also known as EFT tapping or tapping, is a simple and effective tool for clearing negative emotions, limiting beliefs, fears, phobias and trauma.
As well as being used to clear negative issues and even dis-ease, it can also be used to promote positivity and enhance general health and well being. While it may sound too good to be true, believe me, it IS all it’s cracked up to be.

I use EFT in all of my work, helping pets to heal from illness or upset and helping their people to overcome their worries and concerns about their pet’s conditions. (I also use it for my personal development clients).

How does it work?

It’s really very simple. In a nutshell EFT involves tapping on particular acupressure points whilst focusing on the issue at hand.

Try it for yourself by tapping along with this introductory video and / or using the tapping chart below.
Results are often very quick, (with changes often being seen within minutes).

To watch the video, click here or on the picture below.

Video demonstration of the EFT tapping points.

demonstration of the eft tapping points


Chart outlining the EFT tapping points.
To download this chart, right click and ‘save image as’.


When to use EFT as self help vs getting help?

EFT can be used very effectively as a self help technique and I highly recommend using it that way. Please do remember that it is a powerful tool.’Tap responsibly’ and be aware that occasionally tapping can bring up unexpected or deep emotions. These can be tapped through, so don’t panic, but be sensible and don’t tackle any issue that you think you cannot handle.
Do consider that your BIG issues may be best taken to a professional EFT practitioner, like myself (I have been an AAMET certified Level 2 practitioner since 2010 and I have been an Guild of Energists certified Energy EFT Master Practitioner and now a trainer since 2016). We have received training in order to help you move safely through the issues that you don’t want to handle by yourself, or to help you when you are stuck. We use our skills and experience to make the journey easier for you.

How I use EFT.

I use EFT remotely to work with my animal clients and I do EFT with my human clients via phone or skype. This way I get to work with clients from all over the world. To find out how I can personally help you and your pets using EFT and other tools, click here.
I am very much in awe of EFT and the benefit that it brings. I use it daily in my own life as well as professionally and I truly believe that it has the potential to help us lead happier and more joyful lives and deal more effectively with whatever life brings.

For more detailed information on EFT I recommend that you download the mini-eft manual, based on Gary Craig’s original techniques – here.

Matrix Re-Imprinting using EFT

I am also a fully qualified Matrix Re-Imprinting practitioner. I completed my training in 2012.
This technique is an evolution of EFT that allows us to transform the pictures we have of our memories, to bring in new resources, to empower ourselves and do things differently. It allows us to experience a more resourceful state of being and re-imprint that state of being to heal past trauma.

It can be used very successfully to help us resolve old traumas that concerned our pets, such as dealing with sudden goodbyes, accidents or attacks. It can also help us face challenging future situations.

It is a beautiful and empowering technique that I am privileged to be able to use with my clients.


Using EFT with animals.

People have been really surprised that you can use EFT with animals, but you certainly can and with amazing results too.
I find that using surrogate tapping with pets is highly effective. (To find out how to use EFT for your pets please sign up for my free video series about helping your pets to heal with EFT tapping.
You can find out more about using EFT for animals, including faq’s on tapping with animals here).