Energy Work

Everything is energy and that includes us. We may feel like solid matter, but we are energy in form, vibrating particles that appear solid. When we understand this, that everything is energy then we can be begin to work with the energy of our mind, our thoughts and beliefs. We can ‘shift our vibration’ and change how we think and feel.

We can also utilize our body’s energy systems for health and healing. We can help our meridian systems to flow smoothly and balance the flow of energy in our aura – energy field. We can also use the power of focus and intention to work with our own energy.

I encourage my clients to work with their own energy as much as possible. Please visit the Resources Section to find ways to easily work with your own energy e.g. working with the Law of Attraction, EFT and your Energy Systems.

Professionally, I work with energy in a variety of ways. EFT is great way to shift negativity and encourage positive energy flow, on all levels. Thus, I use EFT in conjunction with a lot of my other energy work.

I feel that energy work is about shifting and raising our vibrations. It really is Vibrational Healing. With hands on healing such as Reiki, the energy goes where it is most needed. With Brennan Healing Science there is scope for working on many levels of the Human Energy Consciousness System (the mind, aura, intentionality, core).  I may also use Flower Essences, which offer uplifting vibrations for us to tap into. Please click on the tabs above to find out more about these modalities.

I also like to use additional tools to assist us to vibrant energetic health. These include relaxation techniques, meditation, visualization, vision boards and the Abraham-Hicks processes and teachings.