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Helping your pet to heal with EFT tapping.

If you’d like to learn a simple technique that can help your pets to heal from illness, this video series is for you.

EFT tapping is a simple and effective technique to help your pets with physical health issues, injury or even behavioural issues.
The tapping can help that animal return to balance and it promotes their levels of healing, comfort and well-being.

As an added bonus it can help you to deal with the stress and upset of seeing your pet unwell or unhappy.

How can EFT help my pets?

Using the EFT tapping for your pet’s condition and your emotions about it can bring quick results.
Pets can recover from illness and surgery faster, feel more comfortable and it can relieve their, and your, upset and anxiety around their condition.
It also empowers you to have an active role in their healing journey, be calmer and find it easier to make clear decisions about their treatment.

In this video series you will learn

  • How to use EFT tapping for your pet’s conditions or issues
  • How to use EFT tapping for your reactions to their conditions or issues
  • How to do surrogate / proxy tapping for your pet (tapping on yourself for their benefit)
  • How to do EFT tapping directly on your pet


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