Is your pet itching & scratching?

healing your pets skin issues like itching and scratching

What’s the problem?

There are many things that can cause irritation to our pet’s skin and can cause them to start itching or scratching.
Many of our pets are sensitive to flea bites, in some only a few bites can have a pronounced effect, even if the culprit has gone.
Grass in their ears or fur can be very uncomfortable.
Our pets can have allergic reactions to ingredients in their food or even react to vaccinations or topical treatments (my Elvie cat had a very severe reaction to a topical wormer, it really wasn’t pretty).
Other parasites, some visible, some not, can be an issue and also diseases can case skin flare ups.

What to do?

I suggest that your first port of call is the vet.
They can see if that head shaking is caused my a grass seed, they know the signs of flea dermatitis and diseases that affect the skin and so can help you find out exactly what is causing the skin irritation.

I also suggest using a holistic approach when dealing with skin conditions.
Consider treating your pet to bring back balance rather than just treating symptoms.

Having a holistic vet is ideal, especially if you like to try natural remedies before trying conventional treatments.

It’s also worth looking at your pet’s diet and additionally considering natural remedies to help bring relief and support your pets health and immune system.
There are many options worth considering. This article gives some examples.

Using self selection of remedies or muscle testing can be an advantage, but please be careful as some herbs may react with medications.

In my practice I use EFT tapping and also energy healing to restore balance and assist pets to return to full health.
I also actively involve the pet’s person in their treatment and I share one way I do this in today’s video.

Create an atmosphere of calm.

It can be hard for us, seeing our pets in discomfort, seeing them itch and scratch.
It can even make us feel tense, especially if it’s proving hard to treat effectively.
There’s nothing worse than that helpless feeling when we see them in pain. Yet, it’s important for us to stay calm and as relaxed as possible.
Our pets pick up on our moods and emotions and by us being calm, it supports them to heal with more ease.

In this week’s video, I’m sharing how I use the technique of EFT tapping to help us stay calm and then to actively help our pets.

If you’d like more details about EFT tapping and how to use it to help your pet, check out my free video series. You can sign up at the bottom of this article.

How to help calm their distress.

You being calm is a good first step. Then it’s easier to help them to be more comfortable.

EFT tapping is a great way to help them feel less distressed and to help reduce their levels of pain and discomfort … and all you need is your fingertips to try it, as I demonstrate in the video below.

It is perfectly safe to use it in conjunction with natural remedies and veterinary treatments.

Try this: EFT tapping – a simple technique to help calm you and them and their skin.

Final thoughts

As I say in the video, of all the pet health issues I deal with, skin conditions can sometimes be very ‘tricky’ to clear. It can take time and patience to get to the root of some skin issues and to get past recurring flare ups.
Yet, using a holistic approach it is possible to get over the trickiest issues and using the tapping will help bring some instant relief, if used as demonstrated in the video (and can be used at a deeper level to clear imbalances in the body).
It’s also invaluable to keep using the tapping to get through your reactions to their condition, such as any feelings of guilt, fear or upset, especially if it is ongoing.

With my Elvie cat, who reacted to a worming spot on, he had flare ups for several years. The tapping really helped me to stay present and calm(er) when that happened and to stay clear headed about it.
When my youngest cat Baby recently had a ‘mystery’ skin condition, which did have some recurring flare ups this Spring and Summer, a combination of tapping and self selected chickweed oil along with a little energy work, has been of great benefit and she’s now about 80% better.

I wish you all a speedy recovery for your pets and peace of mind for yourselves.

If you’d like my personal support with helping them return to full well-being, I work worldwide via skype and phone.
Contact me or check out my services to find out how I can best help with your pet’s condition or situation.

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