EFT for Animals

EFT tapping for animals and pets
Baby the kitten after a course of EFT tapping

Can you use eft for animals?

Yes indeed. I have found EFT tapping to be a simple yet effective way to help animals, for both our pets and wild animals alike. No matter what the issue, whether it be physical health, injury or a behavioural issue, EFT tapping can help that animal return to balance and promote healing, comfort and well-being.

As well as using EFT for animals successfully in my own practice (and it’s become an integral part of all my work with animals). I have seen people get great results for their own pets using EFT tapping. I have had reports from clients and other people who have followed along with my tapping videos for pets reporting wonderful results – from being able to keep their pets calm through traveling, to relieving distress when they were unwell to accelerating physical healing.

The picture above is of a stray kitten I adopted called Baby. I used EFT tapping to help her overcome cat flu when she first came to me. Here’s a picture of what she looked like when she arrived, before the tapping.

The sickly kitten.
The sickly kitten.

You can see me doing some EFT tapping for Baby in this video.

FAQs about tapping for animals.

1. How do you tap for animals?

There are two main ways to use the technique for animals.

1.You can tap directly on the animals, and the tapping points are located in roughly the same locations as on humans. Some animals love being tapped on but others do not. Please respect your animals and if they don’t like to be physically tapped on honor their choice and let them choose not to be tapped on physically.
Below is a chart showing where the tapping points are on pets.


EFT for animals and people (EFT for animals tapping chart of the points)

For a pdf version of this tapping chart that you can download and print, click here.

2. My preferred method for tapping on animals is surrogate or proxy tapping. This is where you tap on your own body but FOR the animal rather than yourself. Your focus is on the animal and your body is the bridge between you and them. Your intention is that the tapping benefits the animal.

2. I want to try it for my animals. Where do I start?

I have created a free video series that walks you through the steps of tapping for your pets. It covers how to surrogate tap on your pet in several ways and gives a demonstration of physically tapping on your pet also.

Click here or on the image below to access this free video series.

DVD0095It also shows you how to tap for your own emotions about and reactions to your pets condition or issue. I have found that doing this makes the tapping much more effective. It also ensures that you have ‘clear’ energy when you do tap for your pet. Thus, I recommend starting with tapping for your own feelings as they relate to what is going on for your pet.

I walk you through this process in the first video of the series before showing you how to tap for your pets.

Before tapping for any animal I like to get permission. As well as getting permission from their people, I like to get permission from the animal itself. Having a background in animal communication, this is easy for me and I start each session by checking that the animal is happy to work with me. If you are working with your own pets, trust that you will know if it feels ‘right’ to use the tapping for them. You can also imagine that you are asking them and allow an answer to come.

3. How do I know if I’m doing it right?

If you are new to tapping and surrogate EFT it can seem a little strange at first. If you follow the steps of the tapping process as outlined in my videos you are doing just fine. You should also see the difference in your animal very quickly, even within a few minutes e.g.they may seem more relaxed and at ease. Sometimes it can take a couple of days to see changes, especially in chronic or serious conditions, so try it daily to start with.

The main thing is to trust the process and your confidence will grow as you see the results.

If you are still unsure about how to do the tapping ‘right’, have any burning questions or concerns about it, why not book a session with me where you can ‘pick my brain’ so I can answer your questions and personally guide you through the tapping process.

4. Are there any times when I shouldn’t tap for my pet?

If your animal has physical injuries then obviously do not tap on them physically over any areas that are injured or over areas that have been operated on recently. In such cases surrogate tapping is preferential.

If you are feeling upset, scared or anxious then please tap on that FIRST. It really is best to address those emotions so you are in a clear emotional state before considering tapping for your pet. Also you’ll probably find that the tapping you do on yourself will positively benefit them, as your pet will pick up on your clearer energy and feel the effects of that.

With majorly traumatic issues, such as an accident, attack, or seizure I would recommend getting assistance from a professional EFT practitioner, like myself, who works with pets and who can support you both through the healing process.