A simple ‘love’ based energy healing exercise for pets.

the power of love
The main exercise that I share in this week’s video is very simple, some would think ridiculously simple.
It basically boils down to a recipe of love and intention (an intention to share that love).
Now, some people write off the power of love, as being just a woo woo, airy fairy notion, with no substance.
Yet, if you’ve ever been the focus of loving attention, you’ll get an idea of the way it can affect us – whether it’s the warm rosy glow from a loving hug, the intense joy of being utterly adored or the comfort of people appreciating you just as you are – it all has the effect of helping us to feel great.

When used consciously, the power of love gets even stronger.
So, when we use our intention, and channel that love for a specific purpose, we amplify it’s effects.
As a pet healer, I love sharing simple ways that people can help their pets at home, ones that are simple and effective.
This is one of them.

Why do I love it so much?

Maybe this is a little sneaky, but I love to see both the people and pets enjoying the benefits of energy techniques.
Often people like to focus 100% on tending to their pet’s health, while they (the person) remains tense and often stressed.
With this exercise (and with most exercises that I teach) it’s important that you, the person, is in a good frame of mind.
You get to tune into the feelings of love before you then do the exercise for your pets – so then both human and pet is bathing in that loving energy.
It’s a win-win situation, as our pets pick up on how we’re feeling and they will benefit from your feeling good.

How to use it.

This will be helpful whenever your pet needs a little bit of tender loving care or if they’re feeling unwell.
I’m using it a lot with my Sally dog (who is in the video with me), to give her a love boost once or twice a day.
I sense that it helps keep her comfortable and peaceful – she recently turned 18 and I can see the signs of her ageing, she’s sleeping more and more, sometimes unsteady when she gets up and down and a bit slower when she walks.
I use other techniques with her also, for specific issues (I’ve trained in a lot of techniques over the years).

I see this as a tonic, an overall re-vitaliser that complements the other techniques that I use.

That’s not to say you can’t use it for specific ailments – try it and see.

I can’t really prescribe how often to do it.Try it once or twice a day and see how your pet responds to it.

You can also experiment with sending different emotions, such as love, joy and appreciation.



1.Be in a positive frame of mind.

As I say in the video, it’s important for you to feel good BEFORE starting the exercise.
If you’re sharing energy with your pet it’s a courtesy to have your energy and mood in a positive state before you begin.
That’s why you feel the emotion of love for yourself first.

2. Allow your pet to choose whether to receive the energy.

Please see this as an invitation for your pet. They get to choose whether to receive the loving energy or not.
If you are considering using this for an animal that isn’t yours, please ask their human guardian for permission first.

3. Have fun.

For best results approach this with a sense of fun and play.
Leave any expectations behind and have an open mind.

Try it out.

Please watch the video to try out the exercise with me.
I show you how to do it for pets that are in the room with you and for those who are not.

Other great energy healing exercises and resources.

In the video I mentioned some other techniques that I use for with my pet healing clients.

EFT tapping

This is my ‘go to’ energy healing tool and I have a free video series that shows you how to use it for your pets here (or use the link below this blog post).

The Golden Oldie Pet Challenge

I have several other simple energy exercises, to boost your pet’s energy levels, and tips for tuning into your pet’s needs, dealing with specific health challenges and your reactions to them in my free 5 day Golden Oldie Pet Love Challenge.
You can find out more about it here.
Even if your pet isn’t a Golden Oldie, you can still join in the fun.

Have your say.

If you tried the exercise, or use a similar one, let me know how you find it.
How has the power of love helped your pet?
Let me know in the comments below.

Please feel free to share this post with someone who could use it to help give their pets a ‘love boost’.

Thank you.


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